Sp. Musc. Frond. Suppl. 2(1,1): 15. 1823 ,.

Etymology: Greek oidema, swelling or tumor, and Latin podium, platform, alluding to capsule neck
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 117. Mentioned on page 116.

Stems of nearly uniform, thin-walled cells. Leaves soft and fleshy when moist, somewhat shrunken when dry, 2–3 mm. Brood bodies light-green, stalked, triangular-discoid, up to 300 µm across, with growing points at either side. Capsule brown or red-brown, urn 1–1.2(–2) mm; exothecial cells irregularly hexagonal with thick brown walls, broader than long in 3–8 rows at the mouth, the cells of the neck longer and wider with pale, thin walls. Spores 30–38 µm, papillae small, blunt, club-shaped.


North America, s South America, Eurasia, Atlantic Islands.


Species 1.

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