Melochia villosa

(Miller) Fawcett & Rendle

Fl. Jamaica 5: 165. 1926.

Basionym: Sida villosa Miller Gard. Dict. ed. 8, Sida no. 6. 1768
Synonyms: Melochia hirsuta Cavanilles M. hirsuta var. glabrescens (C. Presl) A. Gray M. serrata (C. Presl) Small Riedlea glabrescens (Cavanilles) A. de Candolle R. hirsuta Ventenat R. serrata
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 6. Treatment on page 211. Mentioned on page 210.

Herbs, perennial, rarely shrubs, 0.3–2 m, taprooted. Stems erect or spreading, usually branched. Leaves: petiole acute; petals pink, purple, or violet, 8–11 × 2–3 mm; longistylous form: stamens 4–6 mm, filaments completely connate, pistil 7–8 mm; brevistylous form: stamens 5–8 mm, pistil 4–5 mm. Fruits capsules, brown, subglobose, not winged, not beaked, obscurely obtusely 5-angled, 2–3.5 × 2.5–4 mm, dehiscence loculicidal, tardily septicidal, fruit falling apart. Seeds usually 1 per locule.

Phenology: Flowering year-round.
Habitat: Wet or dry pinelands and savanna
Elevation: 0–2300 m


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Fla., Ga., La., Mexico, West Indies (Greater Antilles), South America.


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Aaron Goldberg† +
(Miller) Fawcett & Rendle +
Sida villosa +
Fla. +, Ga. +, La. +, Mexico +, West Indies (Greater Antilles) +  and South America. +
0–2300 m +
Wet or dry pinelands and savanna +
Flowering year-round. +
Fl. Jamaica +
Melochia hirsuta +, M. hirsuta var. glabrescens +, M. serrata +, Riedlea glabrescens +, R. hirsuta +  and R. serrata +
Melochia villosa +
Melochia +
species +