Melampodium strigosum


Rhodora 74: 51. 1972.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 36. Mentioned on page 35.

Annuals, 5–35+ cm. Leaf blades oblanceolate to oblong-linear, 15–55+ × 3–12+ mm, lengths 4–6+ times widths, sometimes pinnately 2–4-lobed, ultimate margins ± dentate or entire. Peduncles 0–3(–11+) mm. Outer phyllaries 5, connate 0–1/6 their lengths, lance-elliptic, 3–6 mm. Ray florets 5–8; corollas yellow, laminae oblong-ovate, 0.6–1.1+ × 0.5–10.8+ mm. Disc florets 5–8+. Fruits 2.2–3 mm. 2n = 40.

Phenology: Flowering Aug–Sep.
Habitat: Openings in pine forests
Elevation: 1200–1700 m



Ariz., Colo., Tex., Mexico.


Specimens of Melampodium strigosum have been misidentified as M. hispidum Kunth, a synonym of M. sericeum (see T. F. Stuessy 1972). The station for M. strigosum in Colorado is ca. 1400 km distant from stations in Arizona and Texas.

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