Lasthenia californica

de Candolle ex Lindley

Edwards’s Bot. Reg. 21: sub plate 1780. 1835.

Synonyms: Baeria chrysostoma Fischer & C. A. Meyer Lasthenia chrysostoma (Fischer & C. A. Meyer) Greene Lasthenia hirsutula Greene
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 338. Mentioned on page 337.

Annuals or perennials, to 40 cm (cespitose). Stems erect or decumbent, branched proximally or distally, ± hairy. Leaves linear to oblanceolate or oblong, 8–210 × 1–5.5(–15) mm, (± fleshy in coastal forms) margins entire or with 3–5+ teeth, faces glabrous or ± hairy. Involucres campanulate to depressed-hemispheric or hemispheric, 5–14 mm. Phyllaries (persistent or falling with cypselae) 4–16 (in 1–2 series), elliptic to ovate or lanceolate to oblong, hairy. Receptacles conic, muricate, glabrous. Ray florets 6–16; laminae linear to oblong, 5–18 mm. Anther appendages deltate to sublanceolate. Cypselae black to gray or silver-gray, linear to narrowly clavate, to 4 mm, glabrous or hairy; pappi 0, or of 1–7 translucent (rarely opaque), brown (rarely white), linear to subulate, aristate scales.


Subspecies 3 (3 in the flora).

Plants of Lasthenia californica, especially those in coastal populations, have the largest, showiest heads in the genus. Report of L. californica from Massachusetts was not confirmed for this study

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1 Annuals; coastal or inland; n California, s Oregon Lasthenia californica subsp. californica
1 Perennials (sometimes flowering first year); coastal; California > 2
2 Roots fleshy, clustered; stems erect, branched distally; leaf blades 1–2+ mm wide Lasthenia californica subsp. bakeri
2 Roots usually not fleshy or clustered; stems decumbent, branched proximally; leaf blades 1.5–5.5(–15) mm wide Lasthenia californica subsp. macrantha
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