Juncus subg. Alpini

(Engelmann) Buchenau

Botanische Jahrbucher fur Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie 7: 168. 1886.

Basionym: Juncus [unranked] Alpini Engelmann Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis 2: 434. 1866
Synonyms: Juncus sect. Alpini (Engelmann) Vierhapper
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 22.

Herbs, perennial, rhizomatous, usually fresh-water habitats. Stems terete. Leaves basal or cauline; blade terete, channeled, imperfectly septate or not. Inflorescences terminal panicles or racemes of several heads or a single terminal head, sympodial or monopodial; bracteoles absent at base of perianth. Flowers in multiflowered heads. Capsules (1–)3-locular. Seeds long tailed, large.


n North America, n Europe, n Asia.


Species 724 (4 in the flora).

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1 Plants strongly rhizomatous Juncus castaneus
1 Plants cespitose, rhizomes (if present) short, sparingly branched. > 2
2 Leaves basal and cauline Juncus stygius var. americanus
2 Leaves all basal. > 3
3 Primary bract of infloresence much longer than inflorescence Juncus biglumis
3 Primary bract of inflorescence nearly equal to or shorter than inflorescence Juncus triglumis
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(Engelmann) Buchenau +
Juncus [unranked] Alpini +
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Botanische Jahrbucher fur Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie +
Juncus sect. Alpini +
Juncus subg. Alpini +
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