Hygroamblystegium varium subsp. noterophilum

(Sullivant & Lesquereux) Vanderpoorten & Hedenas

J. Bryol. 31: 130. 2009.

Basionym: Hypnum noterophilum (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Holzinger in A. Gray, Manual ed. 2, 678. 1856
Synonyms: Amblystegium fluviatile var. noterophilum (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Flowers A. noterophilum Hygroamblystegium noterophilum
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 28. Treatment on page 304. Mentioned on page 302, 303, 305.

Plants extremely large. Stems to 15 cm; central strand present. Stem leaves 1.2–2.4 × 0.3–1 mm, lamina sometimes partially 2-stratose, especially at base near costa; margins entire or nearly so; costa excurrent, 110–140 µm wide at base; medial laminal cells 20–45 × 6–10 µm.

Habitat: Oligotrophic, calcareous spring areas
Elevation: low to high elevations (0-2500 m)


V28 476-distribution-map.gif

B.C., Ont., Alaska, Ill., Iowa, Mich., Minn., Mo., Mont., Pa., S.Dak., Wis., Wyo.


Subspecies noterophilum is morphologically characterized by its large size, broad, excurrent costa ending in a stout point, and partly 2-stratose lamina. This taxon is restricted to areas of oligotrophic, calcareous springs. The leaves of submerged stems are frequently quite different in shape from those of emergent stems and branches, suggesting that at least some of the morphological characteristics may be altered depending on water availability. Current phylogenetic analyses failed to demonstrate the genetic integrity of the taxon. The morphology of populations from calcareous springs is typically very different from that of terrestrial or subaquatic populations in many bryophyte species. For example, in Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedwig) Spruce, such expressions are so different that they were previously interpreted as Hygroamblystegium tenax var. spinifolium (Schimper) Jennings. Therefore, pending additional evidence, subsp. noterophilum is treated here as a subspecies of H. varium.

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Alain Vanderpoorten +
(Sullivant & Lesquereux) Vanderpoorten & Hedenas +
Hypnum noterophilum +
B.C. +, Ont. +, Alaska +, Ill. +, Iowa +, Mich. +, Minn. +, Mo. +, Mont. +, Pa. +, S.Dak. +, Wis. +  and Wyo. +
low to high elevations (0-2500 m) +
Oligotrophic, calcareous spring areas +
Amblystegium fluviatile var. noterophilum +, A. noterophilum +  and Hygroamblystegium noterophilum +
Hygroamblystegium varium subsp. noterophilum +
Hygroamblystegium varium +
subspecies +