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Flora of North America Editorial Centers include: Canadian Museum of Nature (CAN), California Academy of Sciences (CAS), Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (HIBD), Illinois Natural History Survery (INHS), The University of Kansas, Lawrence (KANU), The University of Michigan (MICH), Missouri Botanical Garden (MO and MO-II [for bryophytes]), Université de Montréal, Quebec (MT), and Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (MU).

Volume(s)   Lead Ctr.  Contents of Volume(s) 
Vols. 10-11   MU/MO Proteaceae—Elaeagnaceae [13 families,
notably: Buxaceae, Lythraceae (incl. Trapaceae & Punicaceae), Fabaceae (incl. Mimosaceae & Caesalpiniaceae), Onagraceae & Myrtaceae] – Protea family; Boxwood family; Gunnera family; Water Milfoil family + mermaidweed; Indian Almond family + black olive, white mangrove, buttonwood; Loosestrife family + waxweed, redstem, water chestnut, pomegranate; Evening Primrose family + fireweed, primrosewillow, beeblossom, sun cup; Myrtle family + eucalyptus, rose apple, guava; Melastome family + meadowbeauty, clover ash; Bean family (incl. Mimosa family + sensitive plant, silktree, albizia, acacia; Caesalpinia family + tamarind, poinciana, redbud) + pea, peanut, clover, vetch, sweetclover, medick, trefoil, ticktrefoil, rattlebox, indigo, locust, lupine, wisteria; Suriana family + bay cedar; Milkwort family; Oleaster family + buffaloberry, seaberry. 
Vol. 13   MT Geraniaceae—Apiaceae [12 families, notably:
Anacardiaceae, Sapindaceae (incl. Hippocastanaceae & Aceraceae), Rutaceae & Araliaceae] – Geranium family; Frankincense family; Sumac family + poison oak, poison ivy, cashew, mango; Soapberry family + heartseed, flamegold, horse-chestnut, buckeye, maple, boxelder; Quassia family + tree-of-heaven, corkwood; Mahogany family; Rue family + orange, lemon, lime, hoptree, torchwood, pricklyash; Touch-me-not family; Escallonia family + redclaws; Ginseng family + English ivy; Pittosporum family; Carrot family + celery, chervil, parsley, cowbane, scaleseed, waterparsnip. 
Vol. 14    HIBD Gentianaceae, Loganiaceae, Gelsemiaceae,
Apocynaceae (incl. Asclepiadaceae), Convolvulaceae (incl. Cuscutaceae), Solanaceae, Sphenocleaceae & Hydroleaceae – Gentian family + rosegentian, centaury, screwstem; Logania family + pinkroot, hornpod, Jessamine; Trumpetflower family; Dogbane family + indianhemp, bluestar, Madagascar periwinkle, frangipani, rubbervine, luckynut, milkweed, swallowwort, milkvine, rubbervine; Morning-glory family + clustervine, ponysfoot, sweetpotato, moonflowers, dawnflower, dodder; Potato family + tomato, nightshade, Cayenne pepper, petunia, jimson weed, datura, tobacco, henbane, groundcherry; Sphenoclea family; False fiddleleaf family. 
Vol. 15     Fouquieriaceae, Polemoniaceae,
Hydrophyllaceae & Boraginaceae (incl. Lennoaceae) – Ocotillo family; Phlox family + gilia, sky pilot; Waterleaf family + baby blue-eyes; Borage family + heliotrope, strongback, gromwell, forget-me-not, madwort, bugloss, hound’s tongue, stoneseed, popcornflower, lennoa. 
Vol. 16     Oleaceae, Lamiaceae & Verbenaceae – Olive
family + ash, privet, jasmine, fringetree; Mint family + rosemary, balm, basil, sage, skullcap, hedgenettle, pennyroyal; Verbena family + premna, porterweed, chastetree. 
Vol. 17   KANU/MICH Tetrachondraceae, Plantaginaceae (incl.
Callitrichaceae & Hippuridaceae), Scrophulariaceae (incl. Buddlejaceae & Myoporaceae), Linderniaceae, Pedaliaceae, Phrymaceae, Paulowniaceae & Orobanchaceae – Juniper leaf family; Plantain family + snapdragon, foxglove, mudflower, beardtongue, speedwell, toadflax, paleseed, water-starwort, mare’s-tail; Figwort family + goatweed, barometer bush, mudwort, mullein, butterfly-bush; False pimpernel family; Sesame family; Lopseed family + monkeyflower; Princess-tree family; Broom-rape family + Indian paintbrush, false foxglove, linseed, groundcone, bluehearts, cancer-root, bird’s-beak, beechdrops, eyebright, cowwheat, owl’s-clover,  lousewort, yellow rattle, chaffseed, witchweed, blacksenna. 
Vol. 18     Rubiaceae—Valerianaceae [16 families,
notably: Acanthaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Bignoniaceae, Campanulaceae, Caprifoliaceae & Dipsacaceae] – Madder family + bedstraw, buttonweed, wild coffee, Mexican clover, indigoberry; Bladderwort family + butterwort; Acanthus family + Philippine violet, foldwing, waterwillow, wild petunia, black mangrove; Trumpet-creeper family + crossvine, catalpa, catclawvine; Unicorn-plant family; Holly family; Bellflower family + lobelia, harebell, bluecup; Buckbean family + floatingheart; Goodenia family; Calycera family + acicarpha; Moschatel family + elderberry, viburnum; Bush-honeysuckle family + weigela; Honeysuckle family + snowberry, horse-gentian; Twin-flower family + abelia, beautybush; Teasel family + pincushions; Valerian family + seablush, cornsalad. 
Vol. 29   MO-II Bryophytes, pt. 3 Liverworts & Hornworts
Vol. 30   HIBD/MO Cumulative index and bibliography