Euonymus occidentalis var. parishii

(Trelease) Jepson

Man. Fl. Pl. Calif., 610. 1925.

Basionym: Euonymus parishii Trelease Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis 5: 354. 1889
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 12. Treatment on page 125. Mentioned on page 124.

Twigs whitish. Leaf blade apices obtuse or rounded. Inflorescences 3–5-flowered.

Phenology: Flowering spring; fruiting summer.
Habitat: Shaded canyons.
Elevation: 1300–2000 m.


Variety parishii is restricted to the mountains of southern California in western Riverside and San Diego counties.

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Jinshuang Ma +  and Geoffrey A. Levin +
(Trelease) Jepson +
Euonymus parishii +
1300–2000 m. +
Shaded canyons. +
Flowering spring +  and fruiting summer. +
Man. Fl. Pl. Calif., +
Euonymus occidentalis var. parishii +
Euonymus occidentalis +
variety +