Eremogone kingii var. glabrescens

(S. Watson) Dorn

Vasc. Pl. Wyoming ed. 3, 376. 2001.

Basionym: Arenaria fendleri var. glabrescens S. Watson Botany (Fortieth Parallel), 40. 1871
Synonyms: Arenaria aculeata var. uintahensis (A. Nelson) M. Peck Arenaria compacta Coville Arenaria kingii subsp. compacta (Coville) Maguire Arenaria kingii var. glabrescens (S. Watson) Maguire Arenaria kingii subsp. plateauensis Maguire Arenaria kingii var. plateauensis (Maguire) Reveal Arenaria kingii subsp. rosea Maguire Arenaria kingii subsp. uintahensis (A. Nelson) Maguire Arenaria kingii var. uintahensis (A. Nelson) C. L. Hitchcock Arenaria uintahensis Eremogone kingii var. plateauensis (Maguire) R. L. Hartman & Rabeler Eremogone kingii var. rosea (Maguire) R. L. Hartman & Rabeler Eremogone kingii subsp. uintahensis (A. Nelson) W. A. Weber
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Treatment on page 68. Mentioned on page 60, 67.

Petals white (rarely pink), apex entire or erose.

Phenology: Flowering late spring–summer.
Habitat: Dry hills, pinyon-juniper woods, sagebrush slopes
Elevation: (1500-)2100-4000 m


V5 143-distribution-map.gif

Calif., Idaho, Nev., Oreg., Utah.


Arenaria kingii subsp. compacta intergrades completely with var. glabrescens in many areas of the Sierra Nevada and does not deserve recognition.

M. F. Baad (1969) noted populations from Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming that he considered intermediate between Eremogone capillaris var. americana and E. kingii var. glabrescens.

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Ronald L. Hartman +, Richard K. Rabeler +  and Frederick H. Utech +
(S. Watson) Dorn +
Arenaria fendleri var. glabrescens +
Calif. +, Idaho +, Nev. +, Oreg. +  and Utah. +
(1500-)2100-4000 m +
Dry hills, pinyon-juniper woods, sagebrush slopes +
Flowering late spring–summer. +
Vasc. Pl. Wyoming ed. +
Arenaria aculeata var. uintahensis +, Arenaria compacta +, Arenaria kingii subsp. compacta +, Arenaria kingii var. glabrescens +, Arenaria kingii subsp. plateauensis +, Arenaria kingii var. plateauensis +, Arenaria kingii subsp. rosea +, Arenaria kingii subsp. uintahensis +, Arenaria kingii var. uintahensis +, Arenaria uintahensis +, Eremogone kingii var. plateauensis +, Eremogone kingii var. rosea +  and Eremogone kingii subsp. uintahensis +
Eremogone kingii var. glabrescens +
Eremogone kingii +
variety +