Encelia frutescens

(A. Gray) A. Gray

Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 8: 657. 1873.

Basionym: Simsia frutescens A. Gray in W. H. Emory, Rep. U.S. Mex. Bound. 2(1): 89. 1859
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 120. Mentioned on page 119, 122.

Subshrubs or shrubs, 50–150 cm. Stems with slender branches from trunks, glabrous, developing fissured barks. Leaves cauline; petioles 2–7 mm; blades green, elliptic or narrowly ovate, 10–25 mm, apices obtuse, faces strigose. Heads borne singly. Peduncles strigose. Involucres 6–12 mm. Phyllaries lanceolate. Ray florets 0. Disc corollas yellow, 5–6 mm. Cypselae 6–9 mm; pappi 0 or of 2 bristlelike awns. 2n = 36.

Phenology: Flowering Feb–May, Aug–Sep.
Habitat: Desert washes, flats, slopes, roadsides
Elevation: 0–800 m



Ariz., Calif., Nev., Mexico (Baja California, Sonora).


Plants of Encelia frutescens in the flora area are var. frutescens; var. glandulosa C. Clark, with glandular, strigose leaves, is found in northeastern Baja California and is not expected here.

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Curtis Clark +
(A. Gray) A. Gray +
Simsia frutescens +
Ariz. +, Calif. +, Nev. +, Mexico (Baja California +  and Sonora). +
0–800 m +
Desert washes, flats, slopes, roadsides +
Flowering Feb–May, Aug–Sep. +
Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts +
Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Enceliinae +, Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Engelmanniinae +, Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Spilanthinae +, Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Verbesininae +  and Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Zinniinae +
Encelia frutescens +
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