Draba ogilviensis


Bot. Not. 119: 315, fig. 2. 1966.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 324. Mentioned on page 224, 273, 279, 281, 283, 285.

Perennials; (stoloniferous); caudex branched (sparsely covered with petiole remains, branches slender, creeping, loosely matted); often scapose. Stems unbranched, 0.4–1.5 dm, glabrous or pubescent throughout, trichomes simple and short-stalked, 2- or 3-rayed, 0.1–0.5 mm. Basal leaves not rosulate; (subopposite); petiolate; petiole base and margin ciliate or not, (trichomes simple, 0.2–0.8 mm); blade oblanceolate or lanceolate, 0.5–1.5 cm × 1.5–5 mm, margins entire, surfaces glabrous or sparsely pubescent with simple and stalked, 2–4-rayed trichomes, 0.1–0.5 mm, (midvein obscure abaxially). Cauline leaves (0 or) 1 or 2; (subopposite); sessile; blade ovate or oblong, margins entire, surfaces pubescent as basal. Racemes 5–13-flowered, ebracteate, elongated in fruit; rachis not or slightly flexuous, glabrous or pubescent as stem. Fruiting pedicels horizontal to divaricate, often curved upward, 6–13(–17) mm, glabrous or sparsely pubescent, trichomes simple and 2-rayed. Flowers: sepals ovate, 2–3 mm, glabrous or pubescent, (trichomes simple); petals golden yellow, obovate, 3.5–6 × 2–3 mm; anthers ovate, 0.3–0.5 mm. Fruits oblong, plane, flattened, 6–9 × 2–3 mm; valves glabrous; ovules 8–20 per ovary; style 0.4–1 mm. Seeds ovoid, 0.9–1 × ca. 0.6 mm. 2n = 16.

Phenology: Flowering Jun–Aug.
Habitat: Tundra, river flats and banks, exposed talus slopes, hummocks in wet sedge meadows
Elevation: 900-2200 m


The limits of Draba ogilviensis were confused by authors who reduced it to synonymy of D. juvenilis or D. sibirica. A thorough discussion of the three species and their distinguishing characteristics was provided by D. F. Murray and C. L. Parker (1999).

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Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz +, Michael D. Windham +  and Reidar Elven +
Hultén +
N.W.T. +, Yukon +  and Alaska. +
900-2200 m +
Tundra, river flats and banks, exposed talus slopes, hummocks in wet sedge meadows +
Flowering Jun–Aug. +
Abdra +, Erophila +, Nesodraba +  and Tomostima +
Draba ogilviensis +
species +