Dicranum majus var. orthophyllum

A. Braun ex Milde

Bryol. Siles., 71. 1869,.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 406. Mentioned on page 405.

Plants in loose tufts, mostly light green, somewhat dull. Leaves erect-patent, 6–8 mm; margins slightly serrulate distally to almost entire; costa serrulate to nearly smooth distally on abaxial surface, with an interrupted double row of guide cells.

Phenology: Capsules mature spring.
Habitat: Humus, sand, and rock in the tundra
Elevation: 40-1500 m


V27 574-distribution-map.gif

B.C., Man., N.W.T., Que., Yukon, Alaska, Europe.


I. A. Worley and Z. Iwatsuki (1970) recorded var. orthophyllum from Alaska. It is an extremely weak Arctic variety that differs from var. majus in only a few minor characters. The plants immediately appear different because of the erect-patent, short leaves instead of the long, falcate-secund leaves of var. majus. More collections are needed from many Arctic localities to better understand var. orthophyllum, which may only be an environmental form.

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