(Hampe) Hampe & Lorentz

Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 27: 455. 1869.

Etymology: Greek kyrtos, curved or arched, and hypnon, moss, alluding to incurved dry leaves
Basionym: Hypnum subg. Cyrto-hypnum Hampe Flora 50: 78. 1867
Synonyms: Thuidium subg. Microthuidium Limpricht Thuidium sect. Minutula Schimper
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 28. Treatment on page 376. Mentioned on page 374, 378, 380, 648.

Plants small. Stems creeping, 1- or 2-pinnate; paraphyllia filamentous, unbranched; axillary hairs 2-celled. Stem leaves broadly triangular to broadly ovate; margins recurved at least basally, crenulate-papillose; costa 3/4 leaf length to subpercurrent; laminal cells ± quadrate, multipapillose [1-papillose] on both surfaces. Branch leaves ovate to oblong-ovate; margins plane, crenulate-papillose; apex obtuse to short-acuminate; costa 1/2–7/8 leaf length, covered with cells apically or not; laminal cells ± quadrate, multipapillose [1-papillose] on both surfaces. Sexual condition autoicous; perichaetial leaves oblong-lanceolate to oblong-ovate, margins subentire to ciliate, costa percurrent to excurrent, laminal cells papillose. Seta smooth or papillose. Capsule inclined to horizontal, cylindric, asymmetric; annulus 2- or 3-seriate; operculum obliquely long-rostrate; endostome segments not or narrowly perforate, cilia 1–3.


North America, Mexico, West Indies, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, mostly tropical regions.


Species 30–40 (4 in the flora).

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1 Stems 1-pinnate; branch leaves 0.5 mm, strongly incurved when dry. Cyrto-hypnum involvens
1 Stems 2-pinnate (sometimes inconspicuous); branch leaves 0.1-0.3 mm, erect to somewhat incurved when dry > 2
2 Stems and branches papillose. Cyrto-hypnum pygmaeum
2 Stems and branches smooth > 3
3 Stems weakly and irregularly 2-pinnate; paraphyllia cells 2:1; setae smooth; perichaetial leaf margins serrulate distally. Cyrto-hypnum minutulum
3 Stems regularly 2-pinnate; paraphyllia cells 1:1; setae papillose; perichaetial leaf margins ciliate. Cyrto-hypnum schistocalyx
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William R. Buck +
(Hampe) Hampe & Lorentz +
Hypnum subg. Cyrto-hypnum +
North America +, Mexico +, West Indies +, Central America +, South America +, Europe +, Asia +  and mostly tropical regions. +
Greek kyrtos, curved or arched, and hypnon, moss, alluding to incurved dry leaves +
Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) +
Thuidium subg. Microthuidium +  and Thuidium sect. Minutula +
Cyrto-hypnum +
Thuidiaceae +