Cyperus mutisii

(Kunth) Andersson

Galapagos Veg., 53. 1854.

Basionym: Mariscus mutisii Kunth in A. von Humboldt et al., Nov. Gen. Sp. 1: 216, plate 66. 1816
Synonyms: Cyperus asper (Liebmann) O’Neill Cyperus compresso triqueter Boeckeler Cyperus ehrenbergianus Boeckeler Cyperus mutisii var. asper (Liebmann) Kükenthal Cyperus mutisii var. contractus Kükenthal Cyperus mutisii var. semitribrachiatus (Boeckeler) Kükenthal Cyperus ochreatus Cyperus semitribrachiatus Mariscus asper
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 23. Treatment on page 189. Mentioned on page 148, 188.

Herbs, perennial, cespitose, rhizomatous. Culms trigonous, (20–)30–120 cm × 1.4–3.5 mm, glabrous or occasionally with scattered prickles on distal angles. Leaves 2–4(–6), inversely W-shaped, 10–60(–70) cm × (2–)4–13 mm, margins and midribs scabridulous or glabrous. Inflorescences: spikes (1–)3–6, narrowly cylindric, 1–4(–6) cm × 5–11 mm; rays 0 or 3–6, 2–23 cm; bracts 5–8, ascending at ± 45°, inversely W-shaped, (4–) 14–40(–46) cm × 1–12 mm; rachilla deciduous, wings persistent, 0.3–0.5 mm wide. Spikelets 35–100, oblong-ellipsoid, ± terete, elliptic in cross section, 3–7 × (0.9–) 1.3–2 mm; distal spikelets spreading or ascending; floral scales persistent, 1–2(–5), appressed, becoming clear at maturity, laterally brownish to reddish brown, medially greenish, laterally 3–5-ribbed, medially 3-ribbed, often erose at maturity, ovate to elliptic, 2.2–3.2 × 1.5–2.1 mm, apex obtuse. Flowers: anthers 0.6–0.8 mm; styles 0.4–0.8 mm; stigmas 1.2–2.2 mm. Achenes brown to reddish brown, sessile, broadly ellipsoid, slightly dorsiventrally flattened, 1.5–1.8 × 0.7–0.9(–1) mm, apex obtuse, apiculate, surfaces papillose to puncticulate.

Phenology: Fruiting summer–fall (Jun–Nov).
Habitat: Clearings in montane forests, canyons
Elevation: 500–1500 m


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Ariz., Mexico, Central America, South America.


Cyperus mutisii is recognized by its cylindric spikes borne digitately at the ends of the rays and its short, plump spikelets. As spikelets mature, the floral scales, having erose margins contrasting with the brownish sides, beome useful distinguishing features.

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Gordon C. Tucker* +, Brian G. Marcks* +  and J. Richard Carter * +
(Kunth) Andersson +
Mariscus mutisii +
Ariz. +, Mexico +, Central America +  and South America. +
500–1500 m +
Clearings in montane forests, canyons +
Fruiting summer–fall (Jun–Nov). +
Galapagos Veg., +
Illustrated +
Cyperus asper +, Cyperus compresso +, Cyperus ehrenbergianus +, Cyperus mutisii var. asper +, Cyperus mutisii var. contractus +, Cyperus mutisii var. semitribrachiatus +, Cyperus ochreatus +, Cyperus semitribrachiatus +  and Mariscus asper +
Cyperus mutisii +
Cyperus subg. Cyperus +
species +