Crataegus mollis var. dumetosa

(Sargent) Kruschke

Publ. Bot. Milwaukee Public Mus. 3: 188. 1965.

Conservation concernEndemic
Basionym: Crataegus dumetosa Sargent Crataegus Missouri, 109. 1908
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 9. Treatment on page 554. Mentioned on page 553.

Stems: twigs ± straight; thorns on twigs absent or few. Leaf blades broadly elliptic to suborbiculate, lobes 0 or obscure, sinuses shallow (LII 0–8%). Stamens 20. Pomes red.

Phenology: Flowering Mar–Apr; fruiting Sep–Oct.
Habitat: Wooded sites
Elevation: 150–300 m


Of conservation concern.

Variety dumetosa is recorded only from Neck City, Jasper County in Missouri. Crataegus invisa Sargent from Arkansas and Oklahoma, which is intermediate with var. mollis, may have some leaves without lobes but most are usually shallowly incised and larger than in var. dumetosa.

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