Banks ex C. F. Gaertner

Suppl. Carp., 246, plate 225, fig. 5. 1807 ,.

Etymology: For William Clifton, vital dates unknown, first attorney general of Georgia (1754–1764), later Chief Justice of West Florida
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 8. Treatment on page 368. Mentioned on page 367.

Shrubs or trees, evergreen, often much-branched from base. Leaves: petiole present or absent; blade with prominent midrib and nearly imperceptible lateral veins on both surfaces. Inflorescences produced at distal ends of branchlets of previous season, developing before shoot growth of current season begins, 2–6 cm; bract caducous. Pedicels: bracteoles caducous, 2. Flowers: sepals broadly deltate to oblong, apex obtuse to rounded; petals spatulate to obovate, base weakly clawed, apex rounded; stamens 10, in 2 whorls of 5, outer whorl antisepalous; filaments basally flattened and petaloid; ovary 3–5-locular; ovules 1 per locule; stigma 3–5-lobed. Fruits samaralike, 2–5-winged, broadly ellipsoid. Seeds usually absent, sometimes 1–5.


se United States.


Species 1: se United States.

Species 1

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