Carex scopulorum var. scopulorum

Synonyms: Carex chimaphila T. Holm Carex scopulorum var. subconcoloroides L. H. Bailey Carex tolmiei var. subsessilis
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 23. Treatment on page 399. Mentioned on page 397.

Culms 11–40 cm, glabrous on angles. Leaves: proximal sheaths brown, fronts with pale brown spots, veinless, with blades, glabrous; leaf blades 3–6 mm wide. Perigynia obovoid.

Phenology: Fruiting Aug–Sep.
Habitat: Wet subalpine and alpine meadows
Elevation: 3000–4500 m


A common sedge of the southern Rocky Mountains, Carex scopulorum var. scopulorum is distinguished from var. bracteosa by the glabrous stems and sheaths, and by the broader more obovoid perigynia.

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Lower Taxa

Lisa A. Standley +, Jacques Cayouette +  and Leo Bruederle +
T. Holm +
Colo. +  and Wyo. +
3000–4500 m +
Wet subalpine and alpine meadows +
Fruiting Aug–Sep. +
Amer. J. Sci. +
Illustrated +  and Endemic +
Carex chimaphila +, Carex scopulorum var. subconcoloroides +  and Carex tolmiei var. subsessilis +
Carex scopulorum var. scopulorum +
Carex scopulorum +
variety +