Hist. Orchid., table 3. 1822.

Etymology: Greek bolbos, bulb, and phyllon, leaf, referring to its leafy pseudobulb
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 618. Mentioned on page 491, 496.

Herbs, epiphytic or lithophytic, sympodial. Roots velamentous, glabrous. Stems rhizomatous, covered by scarious sheaths; pseudobulbs often angled, ovoid, stout. Leaves conduplicate, articulate, thin to leathery. Inflorescences lateral from base of pseudobulb, spikes [racemes], erect to pendent, pedunculate, rachis swollen, fleshy. Flowers resupinate, sessile; dorsal sepal distinct and free; lateral sepals adnate to column foot forming mentum; petals distinct and free, smaller than sepals; lip fleshy; column erect with aristate terminal teeth or wings; anther terminal, incumbent, operculate; pollinia 2 or 4, hard, waxy; stigma entire; ovary sessile [pedicellate]. Fruits capsules, beakless. x = 19, 20.


Pantropical, mostly Asia and Africa.


Species 1000–1200 (1 in the flora).