Brodiaea coronaria

(Salisbury) Engler

Notizbl. Königl. Bot. Gart. Berlin 2: 317. 1899.

Basionym: Hookera coronaria Salisbury Parad. Lond. 2: plate 98. 1808
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 324. Mentioned on page 322, 323, 325.

Scape 4–25 cm, slender. Flowers 24–38 mm; perianth bluish violet, bluish purple, rosy purple, or rose, tube ovoid to campanulate, 6–13 cm, opaque, not splitting in fruit, lobes ascending, recurved distally, 12–25 mm; filaments 3–4 mm, base dilated to form triangular flap; anthers linear, 5–7 mm, apex hooked or rounded; staminodia curving inward toward stamens overall but curving outward at apex, white or pink, broad, 10–11 mm, margins 3/4 involute, apex rounded; ovary 6–9 mm; style 6–11 mm; pedicel 1–5 cm.


Subspecies 2 (2 in the flora).

Most of the plants that W. L. Jepson (1923–1925) placed under this name have been transferred to Brodiaea elegans (T. F. Niehaus 1971, 1980).

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1 Perianth bluish violet or bluish purple; corm coat heavily fibrous; nw United States, British Columbia. Brodiaea coronaria subsp. coronaria
1 Perianth rosy purple or rose; corm coat thin; only in California Coast Ranges. Brodiaea coronaria subsp. rosea