Boechera breweri subsp. breweri

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 368. Mentioned on page 367.

Stems 0.6–2 dm, often densely pubescent proximally, moderately to sparsely pubescent distally. Fruiting pedicels 3–8(–12) mm, moderately to sparsely pubescent. Fruits 3.5–7.5 cm.

Phenology: Flowering Mar–Jul.
Habitat: Rocky outcrops, ledges, talus
Elevation: 500-2300 m


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Lower Taxa

Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz +  and Michael D. Windham +
(S. Watson) Al-Shehbaz +
Arabis breweri +
Calif. +  and Oreg. +
500-2300 m +
Rocky outcrops, ledges, talus +
Flowering Mar–Jul. +
Arabis breweri var. figularis +  and Arabis epilobioides +
Boechera breweri subsp. breweri +
Boechera breweri +
subspecies +