Sida 9: 195. 1982.

Etymology: For Billie Lee Turner, b. 1925, American botanist
Basionym: Sida sect. Icanifolia Clement Contr. Gray Herb. 180: 60. 1957
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 6. Treatment on page 239. Mentioned on page 217.

Subshrubs. Stems ascending or procumbent, softly hairy, not viscid. Leaves: stipules persistent, broadly oblanceolate; blade broadly oblanceolate, unlobed, not dissected or parted, base cuneate, margins dentate to subentire. Inflorescences axillary, solitary flowers; involucel absent. Flowers: calyx not accrescent, not inflated, not completely enclosing fruits, deeply divided, lobes unribbed, narrowly triangular; corolla pale yellow; staminal column included; style 5-branched; stigmas capitate. Fruits schizocarps, erect, not inflated, variable in shape, papery, stellate-hairy, apically dehiscent; mericarps 5, 1-celled, with abaxial keel and apical spine 1–1.5 mm. Seeds 1 per mericarp, minutely and obscurely pubescent. x = 8.


Tex., ne Mexico.


Species 1.

Although originally included in Sida (because the mericarps are one-seeded), Billieturnera is more closely related to Abutilon than it is to Sida.

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