Atriplex sect. Obione

(Gaertner) C. A. Meyer

in C. F. von Ledebour, Fl. Altaic. 4: 315. 1833.

Basionym: Obione Gaertner Fruct. Sem. Pl. 2: 198, plate 126. 1791
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 346. Mentioned on page 325, 344.

Plants usually annual, usually monoecious. Leaves with Kranz anatomy. Staminate flowers with calyx lobes not crested. Pistillate flowers lacking or rarely with a perianth (in A. covillei), enclosed by a pair of bracteoles. Bracteoles cuneate to ovate or obovate, united at least to 1/2 of length, faces with tubercles or crests or smooth. Seeds: radicle lateral or superior.


United States, Mexico.


Species 28 (23 in the flora).

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