Armeria maritima

(Miller) Willdenow

Enum. Pl. 1: 333. 1809.

Basionym: Statice maritima Miller Gard. Dict. ed. 8, Statice no. 3. 1768
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Treatment on page 604.

Rootstock erect. Leaf blades 1–15 cm × 0.5–3 mm, base 1- or ± 3-veined, faces glabrous or hairy. Scapes erect, 2–60 cm, glabrous or hairy. Inflorescences: involucral sheath 5–32 mm; outermost involucral bract ovate to triangular-lanceolate, 4–14 mm, shorter than, equaling, or exceeding head, mucronate or not; heads 13–28 mm diam. Flowers monomorphic, with all stigmas papillate and pollen reticulate, or dimorphic, with papillate stigmas and finely reticulate pollen or smooth stigmas and coarsely reticulate pollen; calyx tube hairy on and between ribs (holotrichous), on ribs only (pleurotrichous), or glabrous (atrichous); teeth triangular to shallowly triangular, awned or not; corolla pink to white; petals showy and exceeding calyx or reduced and included in calyx. 2n = 18.


V5 1228-distribution-map.gif

B.C., Man., N.W.T., Nunavut, Ont., Sask., Yukon, Alaska, Calif., Colo., Oreg., Wash., Eurasia.


Subspecies 10 (4 in the flora).

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1 Flowers dimorphic, papillate stigmas associated with finely reticulate pollen and smooth stigmas associated with coarsely reticulate pollen Armeria maritima subsp. maritima
1 Flowers monomorphic, stigmas all papillate with coarsely reticulate pollen > 2
2 Inflorescence sheath lengths usually 0.75 times diam. of flower heads; outer involucral bracts almost equaling or exceeding flower head; scapes glabrous; calyces hairy on ribs Armeria maritima subsp. californica
2 Inflorescence sheath lengths usually 0.5-0.75 times diam. of flower heads; outer involucral bracts 0.5-0.75 times flower head; scapes glabrous or hairy; calyces hairy throughout, on ribs only, or glabrous > 3
3 Calyces hairy throughout or on ribs only; scapes glabrous or hairy; leaf blades hairy or glabrous Armeria maritima subsp. sibirica
3 Calyces glabrous; scapes glabrous; leaf blades glabrous Armeria maritima subsp. interior