Aquilegia eximia

Van Houtte ex Planchon

J. Gén. Hort. 12: 13, plate 1188. 1857.

Synonyms: Aquilegia fontinalis J. T. Howell
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3.

Stems 50-100 cm. Basal leaves 2-3×-ternately compound, 15-35 cm, much shorter than stems; leaflets green adaxially, to 10-48 mm, somewhat viscid; primary petiolules 21-90 mm (leaflets not crowded), glandular-pubescent. Flowers nodding; sepals perpendicular to floral axis, red, lance-ovate, 15-28 × 5-10 mm, apex narrowly acute or acuminate; petals: spurs red, straight, ± parallel, 18-32 mm, stout, abruptly narrowed near middle, mouth yellow, cut obliquely backward from insertion, blade thus absent; stamens 17-30 mm. Follicles 15-25 mm; beak 12-20 mm.

Phenology: Flowering spring–summer (May–Aug).
Habitat: Damp rocky places
Elevation: 0-2000 m


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