Ambrosia linearis

(Rydberg) W. W. Payne

J. Arnold Arbor. 45: 425. 1964.

Basionym: Gaertneria linearis Rydberg Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 32: 133. 1905
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 17. Mentioned on page 11.

Perennials or subshrubs, 20–40+ cm. Stems erect. Leaves mostly alternate; petioles 0; blades mostly linear (some 1-pinnate, lobes linear), 12–20(–35+) × 1(–2+) mm, bases cuneate, margins entire, abaxial faces strigillose (whitish), adaxial faces scabrellous. Pistillate heads clustered, proximal to staminates; florets 1. Staminate heads: peduncles 0.5–1 mm; involucres cup-shaped (with black nerves), 4–6+ mm diam., strigillose; florets 12–20+. Burs: bodies pyriform to obconic, 2–4(–5) mm, strigillose, spines (4–)5–9(–13+), scattered or mostly distal, subulate, (0.8–)1–1.5 mm, tips usually uncinate.

Phenology: Flowering Jul.
Habitat: Seasonally wet, sandy soils
Elevation: 2000–2100 m


Ambrosia linearis is in the Center for Plant Conservation’s National Collection of Endangered Plants.

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