Allium fimbriatum var. purdyi

(Eastwood) Ownbey ex McNeal

Aliso 13: 423. 1992.

Basionym: Allium purdyi Eastwood Leafl. W. Bot. 2: 110. 1938
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26.

Scape 10–35 cm × 1.5–3.5 mm. Umbel 20–75-flowered. Flowers: tepals white to pale lavender with darker midvein, apex not spreading or recurved at tip; ovarian crest process margins denticulate to laciniate (crests rarely absent). 2n = 14.

Phenology: Flowering late Apr–Jun.
Habitat: Serpentine clay
Elevation: 300–600 m


Allium fimbriatum var. purdyi is known only from the vicinity of Clear Lake.

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