Helianthella californica

A. Gray

in War Department [U.S.], Pacif. Railr. Rep. 4(5): 103. 1857.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 116. Mentioned on page 115.
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Plants 15–60 cm. Cauline leaves: (nearly all opposite or mostly alternate) largest proximal to mid stems; blades ± 3-nerved, lance-ovate or oblong-lanceolate to lanceolate or linear, 5–26 cm, faces ± hirsutulous to scaberulous or glabrescent. Heads usually borne singly, sometimes 2–3+, erect. Involucres hemispheric, 15–25 mm diam. Phyllaries lanceolate (sometimes outer 2–3 foliaceous; margins usually ciliate, abaxial faces densely hairy or glabrate). Paleae chartaceous, relatively firm. Ray florets (10–)12–16; laminae 15–20+ mm. Disc corollas yellow. Cypselae strongly compressed, obovate-cuneate to oblong (winged or almost wingless, margins ciliate, apices deeply notched, faces glabrous); pappi 0 or 2 ± subulate scales plus 0–4 shorter scales.


Subspecies 3 (3 in the flora).

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1 Stems branched; cauline leaves nearly all opposite; cypselae almost wingless; pappi 0 Helianthella californica subsp. californica
1 Stems not branched; cauline leaves mostly alternate; cypselae winged; pappi of 2 ± subulate scales plus 0–4 shorter scales > 2
2 Leaf blades oblong-lanceolate or lance-linear, (10–)20–45 mm wide; heads usually 2–3+ Helianthella californica subsp. nevadensis
2 Leaf blades usually linear to lance-linear, sometimes lance-ovate, 3–6(–18) mm wide; heads borne singly Helianthella californica subsp. shastensis
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