Miers ex Hooker & Arnott

Bot. Misc. 3: 142. 1833.

Etymology: For Atamisco region of Chile
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 195. Mentioned on page 194.

Shrubs or trees, deciduous; pubescent with tufted, stellate, stellulate, or multicellular, unbranched hairs, or echinoid lepidote-peltate scales. Stems spreading (bluntly thorn-tipped). Leaves: alternate; petiole relatively short; nectaries absent; blade narrowly oblong to linear-oblong, margins entire. Inflorescences terminal or axillary from distal blades, racemes or solitary flowers (subtended by leaf blades). Flowers: sepals equal or 2 unequal pairs, each often subtending a nectary; stamens ca. 6; filaments inserted on discoid or conical receptacle (androgynophore); anthers ellipsoid; gynophore slender, elongating in fruit. Capsules or berries, usually dehiscent, ovoid, ± fleshy. Seeds 1(2 or 3), globose to reniform, usually not arillate. x = 8.


sw United States, nw Mexico, s South America.


Species 1.

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