Swartz ex F. Weber & D. Mohr

in F. Weber, Naturh. Reise Schweden, 121. 1804.

Etymology: Greek konos, cone, and stoma, opening, alluding to operculum
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 28. Treatment on page 98. Mentioned on page 661, 663.
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Plants in dense tufts, glaucous or yellow-green. Stems 0.5–3 cm, erect, simple or 2-fid; pentagonal in cross section, hyalodermis present, epidermis not prorulose; radiculose proximally, rhizoids smooth. Leaves in 5 distinct rows, imbricate, appressed when dry or moist, narrowly lanceolate, 1-stratose; base not sheathing; margins slightly revolute in distal 1/2, serrulate near apex, teeth single; apex acuminate or rarely blunt; costa percurrent to excurrent, sometimes subpercurrent in proximal leaves, abaxial surface mammillose-toothed; basal laminal cells more lax than distal cells; distal cells rectangular to short-rhomboidal, smooth or mammillose at distal ends on both surfaces, walls thick. Specialized asexual reproduction unknown. Sexual condition dioicous [or autoicous]; perigonia cupulate or gemmiform; perichaetial leaves larger than stem leaves. Seta single, elongate, flexuose. Capsule erect to inclined, ovoid, wrinkled and furrowed when dry, mouth not small, not oblique; annulus absent; operculum conic, rostrate; peristome single or rarely absent; exostome teeth reddish orange to dark brown, linear-lanceolate, smooth throughout or finely papillose basally, apically connate. Spores spheric to reniform, coarsely papillose [to smooth].


North America, Mexico, West Indies, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands.


Species 7–15 (1 in the flora).

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Dana G. Griffin III +
Swartz ex F. Weber & D. Mohr +
North America +, Mexico +, West Indies +, South America +, Europe +, Asia +, Africa +  and Pacific Islands. +
Greek konos, cone, and stoma, opening, alluding to operculum +
in F. Weber, Naturh. Reise Schweden, +
frahm1996a +
Conostomum +
Bartramiaceae +