FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Volumes under Production

Volumes under Production

The following volumes are currently in preparation or production mode.

Provisional publications that have been through the editorial process and await publication are available here.

Click on a volume # for individual families, genera, contributors names and email addresses, and if the manuscript has been received. If a provisional publication is available, a link to a PDF is provided.

  • Vol. 10: Magnoliophyta: Rosidae to Fabaceae, part 1
  • Vol. 11: Magnoliophyta: Fabaceae, part 2 to Elaeagnaceae
  • Vol. 13: Magnoliophyta: Geraniaceae to Apiaceae
  • Vol. 14: Magnoliophyta: Gentianaceae to Hydroleaceae
  • Vol. 15: Magnoliophyta: Fouquieriaceae to Boraginaceae
  • Vol. 16: Magnoliophyta: Oleaceae to Verbenaceae
  • Vol. 17: Magnoliophyta: Tetrachondraceae to Orobanchaceae
  • Vol. 18: Magnoliophyta: Rubiaceae to Valerianaceae
  • Vol. 29: Bryophyta: see BFNA website