FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Treatments Under Review and Editing


Volumes under Production

Volume 16


Lead Editor

Nancy R. Morin / nancy.morin at nau.edu
Taxon Editor - VerbenaceaeMichael J. Huft

Taxon Editor - Lamiaceae (part)

Nancy R. Morin / nancy.morin at nau.edu
Taxon Editor - Lamiaceae (part)Mare Nazaire / mnazaire at rsabg.org

Taxon Editor - Oleaceae

Jackie M. Poole / j.poole7225 at gmail.com
Buddlejaceae - Moved to Volume 17 (within Loganiaceae)
Callitrichaceae - Moved to Volume 17 (within Plantaginaceae)
Hippuridaceae - Moved to Volume 17 (within Plantaginaceae)
AcanthominthaHuft, Michael J. 
Acinos[Included in Clinopodium] 
Aegiphila[Not in the Flora area] 
AgastacheSanders, Roger W./rws at coresci.orgR
AjugaBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caS
BallotaNelson, John B./nelson at biol.sc.edu 
BlephiliaTucker, Arthur O./atucker at desu.eduR
BrazoriaTurner, Matt W./drmwturner at yahoo.comS
Calamintha[Included in Clinopodium] 
CallicarpaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netS
Caryopteris[Not in the Flora area] 
Cedronella[Not in the Flora area] 
ChaiturusBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caR
ClerodendrumNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netS
ClinopodiumBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caR
Coleus[Included in Plectranthus] 
CollinsoniaPeirson, Jess A./peirsonj at umich.eduR
ConradinaEdwards, Christine E./christine.e.edwards at usace.army.mil or cedwar10 at uwyo.eduS
 Huck, Robin B./southeastmints at gmail.comS
CornutiaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netS
CunilaGarcia-Peña, Maria/mrgp at ibiologia.unam.mx 
DicerandraHuck, Robin B./southeastmints at gmail.comS
Diodeilis[Included in Clinopodium] 
DracocephalumMeyers, Stephen C./meyersst at science.oregonstate.edu S
ElsholtziaBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caS
GaleopsisTucker, Gordon C./gctucker at eiu.eduS
GlechomaAlford, Mac H./mac.alford at usm.eduS
HedeomaPrather, L. Alan/alan at msu.edu 
HolmskioldiaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netS
HyptisHarley, Raymond M./r.harley at rbgkew.orgS
HyssopusBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caS
Isanthus[Included in Trichostema] 
LallemantiaMeyers, Stephen C./meyersst at science.oregonstate.edu S
LamiastrumBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caR
LamiumBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caS
LeonotisAlford, Mac H./mac.alford at usm.eduS
LeonurusBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caR
LepechiniaDrew, Bryan/bdrewfb at gmail.com 
LycopusHenderson, Norlan C.†S
MacbrideaCantino, Philip D./cantino at ohio.eduR
MarrubiumBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.ca 
MeehaniaPoindexter, Derick B. / dpoindex at ad.unc.eduR
MelissaBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caS
MenthaTucker, Arthur O./atucker at desu.eduS
Micromeria[Included in Clinopodium] 
MoluccellaBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caR
MonardaPrather, L. Alan/alan at msu.edu 
MonardellaBrunell, Mark S./mbrunell at pacific.edu or mbrunell at uop.edu 
MoslaAlford, Mac H./mac.alford at usm.eduS
NepetaMeyers, Stephen C./meyersst at science.oregonstate.edu  S
OcimumPoindexter, Dereck B./dpoindex at ad.unc.eduR
OriganumTucker, Arthur O./atucker at desu.eduR
PerillaAlford, Mac H./mac.alford at usm.eduS
PhysostegiaCantino, Philip D./cantino at ohio.eduR
PiloblephisBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.caR
PlectranthusHuft, Michael J. 
PogogynePrather, L. Alan/alan at msu.edu  
 Straley, Elizabeth/straley4 at msu.edu 
PoliominthaPrather, L. Alan/alan at msu.edu 
PremnaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netS
PrunellaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netS
PycnanthemumChambers, Henrietta L./kenhen at peak.orgS
 Chambers, Kenton L./kenhen at peak.orgS
Pycnothymus[Included in Piloblephis] 
RhododonPrather, L. Alan / alan at msu.edu 
Salazaria[Included in Scutellaria] 
SalviaPorter, J. Mark/j.mark.porter at umich.edu 
SaturejaBall, Peter W./peter.ball at utoronto.ca 
ScutellariaPoindexter, Derick B./dpoindex at ad.unc.edu 
 Olmstead, Richard G./olmstead at u.washington.edu 
SideritisHuft, Michael J. 
Solenostemon[Included in Plectranthus] 
StachydeomaAlford, Mac H./mac.alford at usm.eduS
StachysNelson, John B./nelson at biol.sc.edu 
SynandraCantino, Philip D./cantino at ohio.eduR
TetracleaKrings, Alexander/Alexander_Krings at ncsu.edu or akrings at ncsu.eduS
TeucriumTucker, Gordon C./gctucker at eiu.edu  
ThymusPhillips, Harriet F./brightlyfarm at comcast.netS
 Talbert, Rexford H./rexford75 at verizon.netS
 Tucker, Arthur O./atucker at desu.eduS
TrichostemaWeakley, Alan S./weakley at unc.edu 
VitexNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netS
VolkameriaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netS
WarnockiaTurner, Matt W./drmwturner at yahoo.comS
Xenopoma[included in Clinopodium] 
CartremaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
ChionanthusNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
FontanesiaYatskievych, George/george.yatskievych at austin.utexas.eduR
ForestieraNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
ForsythiaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
FraxinusNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
JasminumNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
LigustrumNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
MenodoraNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
OleaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
 Tucker, Gordon C./gctucker at eiu.eduR
OsmanthusNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
PhillyreaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
SyringaPringle, James S./jpringle at rbg.caR
Plantaginaceae - Moved to Volume 17
AloysiaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
BoucheaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
CitharexylumNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
DurantaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
GlandulariaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
Holmskioldia[Moved to Lamiaceae] 
LantanaSanders, Roger W./sanders at bryancore.orgR
LippiaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
PetreaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
PhylaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
PrivaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
StachytarphetaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
Stylodon[Included in Verbena] 
VerbenaNesom, Guy L./guynesom at sbcglobal.netR
Status: S = submitted, R = review, P = provisional publication
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